(By Tyler Leigh Vivier @tylerleighv, first published on GoodThingsGuy.com)

The image of an ANC man kicking an elderly woman went viral and sparked outrage across SA…

One woman took it upon herself to create a happy ending for the story with a crowdfund.

GoodThingsGuy first shared the story of Olivia Makete and Dianne Bayley earlier in February. Dianne had been deeply moved by the story that made headlines on nearly every media site and newspaper. The story was about an elderly woman who had been assaulted by a man representing the ANC during a protest.

The moment was captured on video and photographed. Olivia is seen screaming out in pain and pleading for the assault to end. The man handed himself over to the police shortly after the incident and was suspended from his job.

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Dianne decided that she needed to do something to right the wrong

She approached GoodThingsGuy for help, and was led to BackaBuddy as a great way to crowdfund. Her plan was to raise money to buy Olivia a wendy house before the chill of winter set in.

Thanks to the crowdfund, Olivia has a new home today!

The fund raised a total of just over R10 800,00 which was used to purchase a large wendy house for Olivia. Dianne sent GoodThingsGuy some images showing Olivia beaming with joy in the doorway of her new, solid, sturdy home.

“We sang and laughed and shared a Coke, and stocked their small dwelling with food and toiletries. Olivia’s daughter and husband translated – she just kept saying “Thank you, God bless you”, and Preacher Jeanette blessed the land. So, from our small spot in Africa to all my South African, Australian, American, British and Canadian friends and family – you made a HUGE difference today.” – Dianne Bayley

The team also donated a cupboard that had a custom seat built into it, space for Olivia to sit and relax. This is a truly happy ending and we are grateful that there are South Africans like Dianne around to make a difference. It just takes one thing!

(Image source: GoodThingsGuy.com)
(Image source: GoodThingsGuy.com)
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