Buying something because you are bored, or something you really can’t afford, or even buying something that goes against your personal style, can all lead to buyer’s remorse.

Start with these 10 questions before you buy anything new for your cupboard and you’ll never experience buyer’s remorse ever again (not to mention all the money you’ll save)!

Avoid the stress by simply asking yourself the right questions:

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1. Does it work well with my personal style?

We all have a signature style that most of our clothing fits into. Be it grunge, classic, sexy or tomboy; everything we buy should echo that style.

Chances are, if you buy something that goes against your intrinsic style, you’re never going to wear it. So stay true to yourself, and keep your identity alive in everything you purchase.

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2. Will it work with the clothing I already have?

Being able to mix and match new additions is very important when buying new clothing (or shoes for that matter).

You should be able to think of at least three outfits that you could create with the new addition.

3. Does it work well with my lifestyle?

You should be buying items that work with your daily routine. If you run around all day for work, buying five inch heels will more than likely be a waste. Likewise, no matter how flat your tummy is, if you’re also conservative, chances are, the crop top you just bought will never see the light of day.

4. Is it well constructed and made from good fabric?

This shouldn’t only apply to super expensive purchases. Good fabric will help ensure you’re comfortable and a garment that’s well constructed will last you a few seasons to come.

5. Will it fill a gap in your closet?

Creating the perfect wardrobe is all about finding smart items that work well together. So buying four identical pairs of nude heels is not the way to go.

Rather spend your money on those items that fill the gaps in your closet. This might take time, but if you are conscious of what you buy every time you go shopping, this is very attainable.

6. Is this particular purchase the best use of my budget?

Buying a R1 200 beige or black trench coat is not the same as buying a R1 200 beaded mini skirt. Why, you may ask?

You will be wearing that trench for years to come – that beaded skirt on the other hand, might not make it to next season. You should be “smart shopping” and not just “trend shopping”.

Invest in timeless pieces and shop bargain stores for all the latest trends you want to try.

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7. Does it flatter my shape?


Which brings us to the most important question; does it flatter your shape?

You could be buying clothing, shoes or accessories that are high quality, timeless and fit your style, but, if they don’t flatter your body shape, you really shouldn’t be buying them.

8. Why am I buying this?

We’ve all fallen into this trap. Shopping a sale, being bored or just feeling blue; these could all cause you to shop unnecessarily.

You never want to buy anything when you’re feeling emotional. That’s a one-way ticket to buyer’s remorse.

9. Does it have seasonal longevity?

Make sure that whatever you purchase (even if it’s a cheap trend) can be worn for at least two seasons. Most trends die down after a season, but with a little bit of research, you will learn to spot trends that are worth buying into and those you really should give a miss.

10. Is it more trouble than it’s worth?

Certain items require money and time to maintain. Things like dry-clean only, suede, beading etc. can all require a post-purchase investments from you. So consider the entire cost of the item you are looking to buy, and not just the price on the tag.