Last updated on Jun 22nd, 2020 at 06:27 pm

Life is expensive! And with an increase in VAT, we’re going to be paying more for our groceries than ever before…

Affording good-quality, nutritious food can be difficult, and if you’re on a diet, you might feel under pressure to buy lots of fancy “health foods”, snack bars, supplements, and potions!

HOWEVER, I have great news for you! There are many tasty, healthy foods out there that won’t break the bank, AND will still help your weight-loss efforts! Sounds good right?

Here are my top five budget-friendly healthy weight-loss foods (which I buy and eat myself! They are an essential part of my monthly grocery budget)

1. Potatoes

Potatoes are almost perfect from a nutritional standpoint, and a decent-sized potato only costs a few rands (and they’re actually very easy to grow if you’re keen on growing a veggie garden).

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When you consider that you have a quick, complete meal for a couple of bucks once you’ve baked and eaten it then you’re really winning. You can add a LITTLE bit of butter, or top with baked beans, lentils, or a small amount of sour cream.

Add a side salad and you’ll have a lovely week-night dinner without too much fuss or cost!


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