Are you trying to be a more eco-conscious or a green consumer? Then you’re
probably looking at ways to cut down wastage in your home. Besides using your own bag
when you shop, there’s a lot you can do to tame the plastic beast.

Buy reusable, bring reusable

Are you in the habit of grabbing a water bottle from the fridge at the garage shop? Rather use your own, reusable stainless steel bottle. It’s better for your health, too.
Same goes for that morning coffee – take your own reusable coffee cup, and add a personal flair to your cup of java. Finish off by using a reusable lunch bag instead of the classic ziplock for your lunch and you’ll have made a huge impact on your daily plastic waste.

Just say no

Take it to the next level by being a conscientious buyer. Avoid using extra plastic bags for your fresh fruit and veggies in the supermarket. Plan your picnics using real cutlery instead of plastic knives and forks, and choose to dine in rather then pack your fridge with take-away styrofoam.

Upcycle your old jars for use as storage containers – glass is better to store your food in than plastic anyway and it adds a zany look to your fridge.

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It’s not as difficult as it may seem to start cutting back on your plastic wastage, and it’s better for you and the environment too.