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The crib used to contain them, provide some sort of barrier between them and the ground. And then one day they get brave enough to climb over the â??great wallâ?, open the door, and look at you in a whole new way. Itâ??s the beginning of their belief that limits CAN in fact be stretched, altered, and broken. The world becomes exciting in a whole new way.

My son has not stopped moving since he penetrated the wall. I have been told, â??Oh, itâ??s a boy thing,â? but I have seen many a little girl with the same crazed look in her eyes. The madness that only comes from being born a Wild Child. Over the years, we have tried to adapt to some of his ways because it has become very clear he is way too resistant to many of the ways of the less wild. He is house trained, but thatâ??s where it ends. When he gets out in the world, he is an explorer, wanting to find out everything there is to know about everything by running, jumping, or clawing his way towards his discovery. He is complex and emotional and on a mission to completely exhaust his parents, bringing them just to the brink of insanity before gently easing them off the ledge with a sweet kiss and perfectly timed fart in the face.

He is the love of my life, and I truly wouldnâ??t change my son for anything but come on, some days are just relentless. Here are some things to keep in mind if you find yourself in the same place:

1. Surround yourself with compassionate people

Letâ??s face a fact that is hard, but true. Some people suck. Iâ??m sorry, but some of them just do. A few weeks ago, I took my four-year-old son to the bouncy place. With all that energy, itâ??s the perfect outlet for him. I have been in some uncomfortable situations with my son. I am constantly apologising for his behavior, even when I sometimes shouldnâ??t. But there I am, apologising my way through play dates and get-togethers.

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But on this particular day, there were two other moms in one of the bouncers with much younger kids. My son was bouncing up and down with a perm-a-smile on his face. I apologised because I could tell they were clearly annoyed. Ignoring me, they actually got out and gave my four-year-old the stink eye. Never before had I spoken up, but I couldnâ??t help myself. He actually had done nothing wrong, and it hurt. I said something about how horrible it was that they allowed children to bounce in the place. One of the moms just rolled her eyes and moved on.

People suck. Arenâ??t all mothers on the same journey? Shouldnâ??t we be united or something? I donâ??t get it. Why is it so difficult to give a nod or smile? And the looks when my son is actually having a difficult time controlling himself, they can sting. I donâ??t have time for it anymore. Surrounding yourself with people who get you makes all the difference. My days are much more enlightening the more I fill them with empathetic ears and a heart big enough to care about all kinds of children, not just the â??easyâ? ones.

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