So, your wardrobe may be looking good – but how about the rest of the house? As
we’ve explored before, humans tend to hang onto things, and it’s easy to tell ourselves that
‘this is it’ and we’re all done decluttering, while still drowning in stuff we don’t really need or
want! So, see how you measure up against our test.

It might be useful!

Nope, that sock without a friend and the tupperware without a lid are never going to be
useful. Nor are those carefully hoarded take-out sauce packets. Likewise excess baking supplies – you aren’t going to use that old tube of Five Spice or
those excess Christmas cupcake holders.

The old can of paint isn’t going to help anyone now it’s been on the wall for years – take note of
the colour name and toss the can. How about power cords for things you don’t own
anymore? And let’s face it… it’s time those projects you’ve never got started hit the bin too.

Do we still have that?

Have all those DVDs and CDs that sit collecting dust moved on to a new home? How about
the books you now read on your kindle? Also think wallets, belts and accessories that you
never wear.

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Oops, missed that!

Are your cups, plates and flatware all chip free? How about the markers and pens in the
stationery drawer – do they all work or are they just hanging around? How about your clothes
[and undies, ladies]? Are they all in good condition, or are you hanging onto that worn out
bra or pair of shoes?

A little emotional, but junk all the same

Clothes! We can almost guarantee that wardrobe isn’t sorted properly. Likewise make-up,
jewellery and perfumes you’re never going to use. And chances are you could cull your
memorabilia a little too.

Just why?

We all have this section of the house, probably nesting in an in-tray somewhere. Old receipts
for items long out of guarantee. The old items themselves, now not working. Expired coupons we never took with us.
Magazines you’ve lost interest in. Old documents you’ll never need again. Even worse –
expired medicine and food! And let’s not mention the ‘junk drawer’ we just open and close again.

Did you pass? Or is it time to do one last decluttering run through the house?