Hygge, a slightly misleading Danish word actually pronounced hue-guh, is a special
word. Roughly translated, it means ‘acknowledging a moment as special’… and nowhere is it
more important than in the Danish home. It’s a sense of appreciation, perhaps a little still
calmness, where you are present in your home, simply enjoying it. It’s not some latest must-
have trend you can buy, but rather the way you make your house truly your home.

A home with Hygge has a sense of comfort and reassurance, simpleness and security. It’s a
place you can be content. Think of the lift in your spirits when you share a home-cooked
meal with friends, or sit down with a tea and a good book, and you’re experiencing Hygge.

So how do you make some Hygge in your own home?

Re-embracing Hygge means abandoning the hectic, all work and no play mindset that many
of us have.

All you need to do is slow down, breathe deeply, and be aware of the good moments in life. Allow your ordinary day to be extraordinary.

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You may like to create yourself a little ‘ritual’ moment to help you have mindfulness, like
brewing your coffee in a fancy cup, or reading by yourself in a nook every night, but it’s not
necessary and certainly shouldn’t be another thing on your ‘to do’ list, that’s not the

Slow down and appreciate the little moments in life, and you’re bringing Hygge to your home
– and a home with Hygge is a happy home!