Being three is tough. Youâ??re not a baby anymore, but youâ??re not a big kid yet either. Youâ??re expected to do what youâ??re told, but now you have mind of your own. Uh-oh! Here are 30 times when, for a three-year-old, the struggle is real. #firstworldtoddlerproblems

1. When there’s no whole milk left, only skim.

2. When you want a banana and there are no bananas left. And no, you donâ??t want a pear, grapes or an apple. Yuck!

3. When you drop the last goldfish on the floor and your parents wonâ??t let you eat it.

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4. When you take your shoes off, but can’t put them back on.

5. When Netflix is down and there’s no more Barney.