Curtains create a beautiful focal point to any room, creating the illusion of space, a
sense of grandeur and a classic look. Here are a few things to consider to get the best from
the décor-side of your curtains.

Don’t be stingy

This isn’t an area where compromise is appropriate. Your curtain rod should always be longer than your window, as not only will the curtain look
odd, but it will fail to block the light. Judge by eye how much past each edge looks good and is functional, but the average is 20-
30 cm each side. The same goes for the curtains themselves – don’t skimp on fabric, especially if it’s a
functional window where the curtains will often be closed. You need about 2,5 times the width of the window itself in fabric.
Your curtains should also always touch the floor – ‘floating’ curtains look a little silly.

Hang ‘em high

Your window appears taller if the curtain rod is placed high – and so do your walls, so it’s a
great tip to open up a space. When you’re picking your fabric, remember that the denser and darker the curtain, the more
private and cosy the room will feel. Light, pale colours, in comparison, feel breezy.

When you’re drilling for your curtain rods, use an ‘L’ shape cardboard template to ensure
you have the rail the same distance for every window (you may need to tweak this a bit if
your walls are uneven to create a better illusion of symmetry).

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A luscious curtain display can transform the mood of a room, so it’s worthwhile getting it right.