In a world where more and more of us work from home, it’s inevitable that some of
the more typical ‘office furniture’ will start taking up residence in our homes. However, while
slim and stylish versions of much of this furniture exists, suppliers seem to be able to do
nothing to make the filing cabinet anything but an eyesore. Fortunately, you can take matters
into your own hands!

  • Start by removing the hardware like handles, card rims and more.
  • Next, remove the drawers If this is an old-style filing cabinet, this may be tricky – try searching for a tutorial.
  • Mask off any areas (like the backs of drawers) you don’t want painted. You’re going to need a high quality spray paint (or chalk paint) designed to adhere to metal
    for this job.
  • Apply carefully according to the instructions – and get creative.

Try pairing a flat and classy neutral with metallic highlights or create a homey chalk focal point for the home.

Voila! Your file cabinet will emerge looking far more appropriate for a home office.

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