Hair care for children

Proper hair care for children can help avoid problems such as dandruff, head lice and other possible scalp infections. Children should be taught how to take care of their hair, especially if it is long and requires management. Remember that teaching them these skills when they are young will help them to effectively manage their hair better as they get older.

Here are some things to consider when it comes to your child’s hair care:

Keep hair clean

Hair should be washed regularly to keep it free from dirt and other impurities.  Use hair care products that are suitable for the condition of your child’s hair. Show your child how to wash her hair properly and also how to thoroughly rinse out any remaining product.

Head lice

Children may get head lice at some point in their younger years. Be ready to treat it immediately. See your pharmacist for suitable hair care products to treat lice. Long hair should to braided or tied to limit the spread of lice from or to another child.

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Avoid sharing grooming accessories

Encourage your child not to share personal hair grooming utensils such as combs and hair brushes with others. In addition, avoid sharing pillows and hats or other hair accessories as well.

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