Last updated on Mar 9th, 2021 at 11:10 am

1. Turn it on, turn it up, turn it off…

Product: Broadlink RM Pro Wi-Fi Smart Home Universal Remote

What’s it for? Controlling appliances remotely – from your air conditioning to your TV; your lights to your hi-fi sound system.

How it works: The device can connect to anything in your house with infrared, which you then control via an app on your phone… from anywhere in the world!

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2. Hey Google!

Product: Google Home Mini (Chalk)

What’s it for? Controlling the operation of appliances in your home via wi-fi.

How it works: With the aid of Google assistant (you say “Hey Google…” to get it started) you can interact with the Google Home Mini to control your connected appliances by giving it voice commands.


3. Lock up and go

Product: Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock with Z-Wave Module

What’s it is? Securely locking doors – without a key.

How it works: You (and whoever else you give permission to) can lock and unlock doors with your smartphones, so there is no more need to carry keys – or be worried about losing them.


4. From a distance

Product: Samsung Smartthings Hub with Starter Kit

What’s it for? Monitoring your automated home from anywhere using the Samsung Smartthings app.

How it works: This hub and starter kit includes a hub, sensors and outlets that will help you get started. The sensors can connect to doors or locations that you want to keep an eye on, and then you can monitor your home remotely if you connect to the hub via the Smartthings app on your smartphone or tablet.


5. Pet control

Product: Staywell – Magnetic 4 Way Locking Deluxe Cat Flap 400 Series

What’s it for? Keeping out unwanted feline visitors while letting your pets in and out.

How it works: If you have problems with other cats visiting your house, a magnetic pet flap might be a good idea as it allows only your cat entry to your house when it is wearing a special magnetic collar. There are four settings, ranging from open for entry to only allowing your pet to exit or enter the home or being closed even to your cat.