As we all try to eat healthier, a critical part has to be adding more fruits and veggies to our diet. Yet, unless you’re a large family, a lot of produce (and money) gets wasted over time because we simply don’t get around to eating it before it goes off. What’s a thrifty person looking to boost their health to do? The answer is simple – freeze the excess until you need it!

Freezing veggies needn’t be a chore – the secret lies in blanching them first. Blanching is the process of slightly cooking (parboiling) the veggies before freezing. This makes them easier to cook when you need them, and helps maintain their look, colour and texture through the freezing process.

All you need to do is bring water to the boil, drop in the prepared vegetable, and cook for around two to five minutes until they have some give but are still firm. Remember, we don’t want to cook them completely! Remove from the stove, immerse in ice cold water to stop the cooking process, and let them drain.

All you need to do is add convenient portions into ziploc bags and toss in the freezer – they’ll be ready when you need them. Everything from spinach to potatoes can be preserved this way, and your diet (and your bank account]) will thank you.

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