Modern living comes with its pitfalls – and a certain amount of ‘necessary’ mess is part of that.

From our lives becoming increasingly digital (and more and more cables coming along for the ride) right through to the need to keep the kids stimulated and creative and stepping on Lego on the way to the bathroom), there’s no reason your life has to be messy just to be real – not if you have a little creativity, that is!

If you can’t get rid of it, hide it

  • We’ve spoken before, about the value in a good decluttering, and you should always take a long, hard look at any mess that’s wearing on your nerves and see if you can’t just get rid of it altogether. Perhaps sort out the toy box and make a donation to the less fortunate, or invest in a universal charger that cuts down on the cables you need to use on a daily basis. Humans have a bad habit of hanging onto stuff we really just don’t need, after all.
  • Once you’re sure the ‘clutter’ that remains has to stay, however, you’re free to let your inner creative out of the closet! We’ve seen a remarkable range of intriguing ways to hide cables, from building a charging station into a handy drawer, to hiding cell phone charging points in pretty decorative boxes. You could even make some rather impressive wall art out of your TV cables! Store unused cables inside (hidden) roller towel rolls to keep them neat, and splurge on some storage containers for the playroom. You’ll probably be feeling better already!

Do you have storage, but you just don’t know it?

  • If you’re living in a small space, downsizing or rental, it can seem impossible to fit everything you need into the space you have. Time to let your inner creative out again!
  • Cast an eye around the house, and look for ingenious storage spaces just waiting to be used. Spaces under stairs, the gap under the bed, the underside of tables and shelves and a host of other little nooks can all be harnessed as safe, convenient and out-of-the way storage. The more multi-functional, the better – can your bed flip up during the day to give you space for a desk? Can your empty desk drawer become the perfect spot for the printer? How about an adult ‘bunk’ bed that lets you use the lower tier for work or play?
  • The needs of daily life don’t have to mean living in a sea of clutter. Harness your ingenuity today, and your house will be looking show-worthy before you know it!