Dogs are a crucial part of many households, our constant companions, alarm system and best friends.

Yet you’d be forgiven if you, too, have sighed and rolled your eyes when your pristine carpet gets turned into a ‘shag’ rug courtesy of moulting season. How do you keep your dog a fresh-smelling and welcome family member? Keep reading for some tips.

Personal care for pets

While Fido doesn’t need to bath as often as you do, he will still need a little care to cut down on unwanted fur and smells. Get into the habit of giving them a good brush down at least once a week (preferably outside, so you aren’t mopping up fur afterwards) and you’ll notice far fewer furballs clinging to your soft furnishings. Keep them fresh in-between bath times with a quick wipe with baby wipes too, especially breeds with long beards, floppy ears, runny eyes or loose skin. You can also use a daily spritz of coat spray to banish smells and keep their skin hydrated and moisturised, too. Lastly, a regular round of teeth brushing is needed to keep their breath hygienic, especially if the kids often play with the pets.

Minimise mess

Dogs can be part of a neat household, too! Make yourself a creative ‘pet corner’ to hang leashes, keep carriers and grooming equipment out of your way and neatly stored. Likewise, try and have designated sleeping areas for your pets (and train them with gentle discipline and much praise), so they don’t end up sprawled all over your sofa when your guests arrive.

Doggy manners are easy to instill with kind training from a young age, and it’s much easier for Woofles to learn as a pup than for you both to battle with ingrained bad habits. Feed in one spot, preferably in an easy-to-clean area like the kitchen. Use a pet bowl mat to stop spills hitting the floor and if you use an entrance hall or mud-room to help keep the house neater, remember to add an old towel and brush for the dogs, too – what never gets dragged into the house can’t make a mess, after all! With a huge range of beautiful and stylish doggy beds, bowls and more open to you, there’s no reason Fluffy can’t look (and feel) as great as the rest of the house.

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