First off, what is a Beautyblender? Make-up gurus will tell you that a Beautyblender is not just a regular make-up sponge, but essentially it’s an egg-shaped sponge designed for flawless foundation application.

Since the brand started 10 years ago, it has become a staple in many make-up artists and enthusiasts’ bags. There are lots of knock-offs out there (some are just as great as the real thing, some… aren’t).

Even though a lot of women buy Beautyblenders, many people don’t use them correctly. Here are seven ways you’re using your Beautyblender or beauty blending sponge all wrong.

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1. You’re using the sponge dry

Beautyblenders are meant to be used wet or damp to give you a streak-free and dewy finish. Many make-up artists keep a cup of water nearby to make sure the sponge stays moist while working.

Beautyblender has recently launched a reactive spray to plump up the sponge when water isn’t available nearby.

2. You only clean it once a week

It’s important to clean your sponge after every single use. This not only helps kill any bacteria that might grow on a dirty Beautyblender, but it also makes your sponge last longer.

3. You’re scrubbing it too hard 

Tearing your Beautyblender is easy if you pull the ends too hard when cleaning it or have stiletto nails that get in the way of cleaning it.

Instead of being heavy handed, use a squeezing motion to clean the sponge. When it’s soaking wet, pour your cleanser on to the soiled parts of the sponge and squeeze it to evenly distribute. Rolling the Beautyblender between your palms is another way to clean it.


4. You’re not soaking it

Some make-up stains won’t go away very easily so soak your sponge in a solution of cleanser and water overnight. Using baby oil is another way to treat stubborn stains before cleansing your Beautyblender.

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5. You’ve been using the same one forever

Even though you may clean your sponge every day, a Beautyblender needs to be replaced every three months. The older it gets, the more likely it will rip or tear and it won’t work as well.

6. You store it in a ziplock bag

It’s never a good idea to store your Beautyblender in a dark and enclosed make-up bag. Removing oxygen and light is a surefire way your Beautyblender is going to grow mould and bacteria. Yuck! Rather store your sponge in a breathable mesh or organza bag.

7. You use a wiping motion

It’s important to know how to use a Beautyblender properly when applying make-up. Use the pointed end of the sponge to drag product across your skin. Then, use the larger end to bounce away any streaks for a flawless finish.

Here are some beauty blending sponges to try: