Have you ever thought of adding a modern and feminine touch to the bathroom with rose gold accessories?

“Rose gold has the same effect on almost everyone. When we get to the rose family, we get the same kinds of verbiage: compassion, composure, warmth, something that draws you in that has great appeal,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute.   

It’s no wonder that rose gold has become popular both in fashion and in home décor. 

The story of rose gold

However, rose gold is not as ‘new’ as you might have thought. Rose gold has been synonymous with the fashion industry for centuries.

It made its first appearance in Russia in the 19th century initially referred to as ‘Russian Gold – a combination of copper and yellow gold’ and was used as ‘pink-hued jewellery’ in the mid-Victorian era.

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It was, however in the late 1920s that rose gold became most popular when a well-known jeweller, Cartier, launched its Trinity Band – a band made up of three individual bands in yellow, white and rose gold.

Rose gold in the bathroom

If you love rose gold, you might like to know that Bathroom Butler has recently launched a Rose Gold accessory range, which allows you to add a touch of rose gold to the bathroom.

“Like its history very eloquently suggests, rose gold has always been on-trend. It has symbolised romance, luxury and evokes feelings of order and peace,” says Andrew Taylor, CEO of Bathroom Butler.

“People are always looking at ways to make stylish design and décor statements and this should be as prevalent in a bathroom as anywhere else in the home, which is why we’ve designed a series of rose gold bathroom accessories.”