South African singer and television personality, Kelly Khumalo has disabled all comments on her Instagram page after receiving abuse from fans who want to know the truth about Senzo Meyiwa’s death

Kelly Khumalo, the late Orlando Pirates’ goalkeeper’s girlfriend, was one of several people who witnessed the incident which led to Meyiwa’s death. According to her account of the night’s events, robbers broke into her family’s home in Vosloruus and after a violent squabble broke our, Senzo was shot fatally.

Here’s the problem: a lot of people are not buying this story. Those same people have grown increasingly frustrated at the fact that, over three years after Senzo’s murder, not a single arrest as been made.

Recent speculation has suggested that Kelly Khumalo, along with everyone else who was in the house on that evening, knows who shot and killed Senzo. The suggestion was fuelled by a local Twitter account, run under the handle @advbarryroux, which claims that Longwe Twala shot Senzo while Kelly and others have been paid to remain silent.

Many South Africans have picked up on the Barry Roux parody account’s conspiracy theory and have taken it as truth. After reading the dramatic claims, many people took to Instagram to demand that Kelly Khumalo gives the public the explanation they deserve about how Senzo died.

In response, Kelly Khumalo has blocked all comments from her Instagram page. A quick look at her profile will show you that comments on all of her posts have been disabled.

She’s also directly blocking any users who make even the slightest attempt to question her on the events that took place that night:

Do you think Kelly Khumalo knows more about Senzo’s death than she’s giving away? Or is she simply protecting her privacy?