Kevin Hart is launching his own fitness show on YouTube

The 38-year-old comedian and actor is expanding his creative empire with the new workout series Kevin Hart: What the Fit, which will see him attempt unusual workouts with his famous friends.

Kevin said: “Fitness is about to get a whole lot funnier and I can’t wait for fans to see a side of me and my friends they haven’t seen before.

“I’m always looking to switch things up. Everybody thinks that fitness is tough and because of that some people won’t even give it a chance … I wanted to show the fun side of fitness.”

Fans will get the chance to see Kevin try sumo wrestling with Conan O’Brien, beer yoga with Chance the Rapper, roller fitness with Tiffany Haddish and goat yoga with Khloé Kardashian. He and chat show host James Corden are sure to delight viewers with a trip to Muscle Beach, while Leslie Jones will provide the laughs at a rodeo.

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Kevin Hart: What the Fit will air on Hart and Lionsgate’s Laugh Out Loud Network on YouTube.

The series will premiere March 8 with new episodes airing twice a week on Thursdays and Fridays.

Meanwhile, Kevin recently joked he had a “mini breakdown” when his wife left him at home alone with their baby and the dogs managed to get outside and cause chaos

He recalled: “The wife left me home with the babies and dogs for a couple [of] hours by myself. Thank God she’s back. I had it under control in the beginning, I really did, but then the baby started crying, so I went up and I grabbed the baby.

“I fed the baby, changed the baby’s diaper… then out of nowhere, the dogs started barking. Came to find out my dogs got outside. Not really sure how – my big Doberman opened the damned door. I got the baby, so I call my other kids – my 12- and my 10-year-old – they don’t hear me, ’cause they got the virtual-reality game set on, so they can’t hear s**t I’m saying. That’s when it got real.

“I had to put the baby down in the crib so I could go get the dogs. Soon as I put the baby down, the baby started crying. I somehow hit my foot on the rocking chair, twist my ankle. Ouch. Now I’m going outside to get the dogs, but I still got the baby stuff hooked up to the end of the chair, so I knock all that s**t over – Diaper Genie, everything. I say f**k it. S**t got real.

“I go grab the dogs, get the dogs inside, the baby’s crying still… gotta go grab the baby. At the same time I grab the baby, I go inside the room and knock the VR (virtual reality) set right off my damn kids’ heads. They said, ‘What’d we do?’ I said, ‘Nothing, man. Dad just had a mini breakdown. Y’all turn the volume down on that s**t so you can hear me next time I call you.”

Author: BANG Showbiz