AKA has been feeling emotional on social media these days, but his followers (and haters) have no sympathy for him

Ever since his breakup with Bonang Matheba, the rapper has been wearing his heart on his sleeve.

He took to Twitter this week to share yet another emo post.

“The plan was to drink until the pain over (sic), but what’s worse? The pain or the hangover?” he tweeted.

The words were not his own, but lyrics from Kanye West’s single, Dark Fantasy.

AKA’s made no mention of his breakup with Bonang, but Twitter users were convinced the tweet was linked to his recent heartbreak.

While some showed him some sympathy, many told the Sweet Fire star to stop whining and move on from Bonang

“You need to stop winning. She’s gone so now get over it…” one user replied.

Another added, “Can you grow up already, I mean you left Zinhle with a child so grow up mxx, re ta tenwa ke selelo sa ditedu.”

It’s not the first time the rapper has been mocked over his heartbreak.

It’s not the first time social media users have dismissed AKA’s feelings.

Twitter users mocked his heartbreak several days ago, after yet another emotional tweet

“Today someone will tell you they love you. Tomorrow they can act like you don’t even exist,” he wrote in a post he later deleted.
Once again, his followers assumed he was talking about his ex Bonang.

One tweet made fun of the fact that AKA would be single on Valentine’s Day.

AKA hit back at the user in a stinging reply.

“Yes, I will be single on Valentine’s Day … but you will be poor every single day of 2018,” he tweeted.

AKA went on to say that he is a human with feelings.

“The problem with Twitter is that people think celebs are some sort of robots here to serve the public. Sit with your keypads at your fingers and try to embarrass us then cry foul when we react. Well, I’m not one of those celebs. I’m a real person. Not a bot. I’m not just data,” he wrote in a since deleted post.