Some movies leave one aching with wanderlust from the opening credits. Others roll out their landscapes and landmarks with a slow, seductive ease…

But one thing’s for sure; most of our favourite films feature a backdrop that’s equally as inspiring as their storyline and celebrity cast.

With the star-studded Oscars fast approaching, we got to thinking about our favourite Oscar winning movies that have motivated our most memorable trips.

From the colour and confusion of Mumbai to the seedy underworld of Montmartre in Paris, these 10 famous films might just inspire the journey of a lifetime.

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel, Budapest

Set in the interwar period, Wes Anderson’s movie on the adventures of Gustave H, a celebrated concierge at The Grand Budapest Hotel, and his mischievous sidekick, Zero Moustafa (the lobby boy), sees several storylines come together against a dramatic Central European backdrop.

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Stylish enough that several critics missed the messages that lay beneath, the Teutonic fantasia of pastel-coloured buildings, funicular trains and snowy scenery transports viewers to the atmospheric and ever-changing landscapes that Hungary is famous for.

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