Charlize Theron has teamed up with Kweku Mandela, Nelson Mandela’s grandson, to launch a new project in partnership with GenEndIt called #100conversations…

In a video on Instagram the South African actress announces her pride in the launch of the programme “created to honour the legacy of Kweku’s grandfather, Nelson Mandela.” This year would have marked his 100th birthday.

Joined in the video by Kweku, Charlize praises the late Nelson Mandela for believing in the “power of youth.”

She says: “Hi Charlize here and I am with my dear friend Kweku. We are here at the Geffen Playhouse talking about his incredible grandfather‚ Nelson Mandela. Nelson was somebody who believed in the power of the youth.”


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GenEndIt is a collective movement which aims to encourage the youth to stand up against HIV/AIDS and prevent it from spreading.

“Ending AIDS by 2030 demands a united effort – by those already engaged in the fight, those who have yet to join us, and the youth whose hands the future lies. By creating an opportunity for us to come together, bound by the same goal, we will create solutions. Together we are unstoppable. Together, we are #GenEndIt.”

The Oscar winner launched the programme on Saturday in Los Angeles together with Kweku.