You don’t have to have a Homes & Gardens luxury pad to have a bedroom that calls to your romantic side. Here are our top tips to help you bring a little more romance and relaxation into your life, whether you’re living the Conde Nast lifestyle or trying to make the best of a small bachelor pad…

It’s easy to turn your bedroom into the default ‘overflow’ room – the place into which you quickly throw all the mess the kids (and you]) make so visitors usually don’t see it.

That’s neither conducive to love, nor even a great night’s sleep, let alone the haven of the relaxation spot your bedroom should be.

Start by tackling the mess – obviously a neatly made bed always looks and feels great, but we’re willing to bet there’s other stuff that’s just ‘placed’ in there and forgotten.

Get all the ‘we should keep this’ junk stored somewhere else – your bedroom should be a haven of relaxation, not extra storage.

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Try to get into the habit of not doing chores in this room, be it laundry sorting or ironing and clear that clutter from your dresser and side tables, please.

Now to get personal! Whether it’s your favourite pics, meaningful momentos from trips or even just decor that speaks to your soul – if it reminds you of your love, it should be here. And ladies?… Your partner gets a word in the décor too.

If you’re a couple, this room should be a refuge for you both. It’s time to amp up the romance

Add a few extra pillows to the bed – two flat lurking things just look sad. Consider a nice casual throw too.

You can’t go wrong with some mood lighting, either. Harsh ceiling lights just don’t add to the ambience, so rather use your bedside lights to set the tone.

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with an evocative smell or two – be it candles, incense or your favourite room mist. Indulge your senses a little.

Your bedroom should be your haven from the ‘real world’, and it only takes a little effort to keep your refuge feeling romantic, peaceful and safe.