The City of Cape Town announced on Tuesday that Day Zero, when the city’s taps run dry, has been pushed back from 11 May to 4 June

This was due to the continued decline in agricultural usage and Capetonians reducing their water usage in cooperation with the City’s efforts to bring down overall consumption.

“Team Cape Town, we are getting there. We now need to see how low we can go to ensure that we stretch our water supplies as far as possible into the winter months by reaching the 450 million litre per day collective consumption target which equates to 50 litres per person per day,” said the City in a statement.

Over the past week, consumption has been lowered to 526 million litres per day. This is the first time that the weekly average usage has remained under 550 million litres due to the City’s pressure management interventions and the efforts by residents to use as little water as possible.

Cape Town and other areas of the Western Cape are in the grips of a devastating drought which has led to the implementation of severe water restrictions.

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Author: ANA Newswire