Andrew Morton thinks Queen Elizabeth will be “doing cartwheels” at the thought of Prince Harry marrying Meghan Markle

The 33-year-old royal is set to wed the American actress in May this year, and biographer Andrew – who famously penned the 1992 book on Harry’s late mother Princess Diana – has claimed the monarch will be over the moon at the upcoming nuptials, as it ensures the monarchy will continue to exist for “a long, long time”.

He said: “I think the Queen will be doing cartwheels. Backflips. At the fact that she has assured the dynasty – which is what the job of the monarch is to do. She’s ensured it will go on for a long, long time.

“I’ve spoken to people at the Palace about this who say exactly the same thing. That by letting Meghan in and Kate in and all the rest of it, she’s established a pedigree of people who are prepared to devote their lives to the Crown.”

Andrew – who is currently penning a book on the 35-year-old actress – believes Meghan has helped make sure the royal family will remain “relevant” for another “100 years”

He added: “If you were sitting in a script office in Hollywood, and you said ‘give me a character that will make [the Royal family] relevant for the next 100 years’, [the ideas people] would have said: ‘OK, she’s bi-racial, divorced and an actor.'”

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But Andrew insists there are “no raised eyebrows” around Buckingham Palace at the prospect of Harry marrying Meghan.

He said: “There are no raised eyebrows at Buckingham Palace, as there is no room for that. I think the difference is that Harry has been absolutely gung-ho about Meghan.”

The biographer also doesn’t believe there’s any sort of rivalry between 36-year-old Meghan, and Harry’s sister-in-law Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Andrew said: “Kate is, at the end of the day, going to be queen. But she is sensible enough to know that everybody is fascinated by Meghan because she’s an unknown quantity.

“[Meghan has] done a few engagements. She has the glamour and mystery of a Hollywood star. At some point she’ll become part of the furniture, and there’ll be a sort of levelling.”

Author: BANG Showbiz