The secret to eating something sweet without it affecting your health and lifestyle goals is twofold: one, you need to eat sweets very rarely, and two you need to eat sweets in small quantities…

A healthy diet and lifestyle plan should not involve loads of sweets, donuts, dessert, and decadent treats. That’s logical! We all know that sugary things are not helpful for weight loss, or the health of our bodies overall. We should be sticking to a diet of mainly fresh fruit and vegetables, and a few healthy carbs. This will ensure that you reach your health and weight-loss goals in a sustainable way.

BUT… everyone has a moment of weakness from time-to-time. Those days where you just can’t help thinking about eating something sweet!

An occasional sweet treat will not destroy your weight-loss goals, and you can allow yourself to indulge every now and then.

So here are some ways to make the best sweet choices when you have those sweet craving days!

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1. Make a healthy “apple pie”

Apple pie made the traditional way is about as bad for you as chocolate cake. Sure, it has some apples in it, but it’s also full of fat and sugar.

But if you have a craving for cinnamon-apple sweetness, then there is a #hack that you can try:

Core an apple. In the hole, place a spoonful of sugar, a quarter spoonful of cinnamon and a quarter spoonful of nutmeg (all TEA spoons). Then microwave for four minutes and enjoy! You’ll get all the taste with only a fraction of the damage.

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