We can all learn a thing or two from a well-dressed princess, and we’re pretty sure these would be the fashion tips Kate would give us herself.

Since been thrown into the public eye when she started dating Prince William, Kate Middleton quickly secured herself fashion icon status. Her fashion sense is fabulously classy and oh-so chic, and we love that her outfits are practical, too.

1. If you love it, wear it again. And again. And again. And again

Finally, a celeb who doesn’t seem to chuck something away after wearing it once! Kate is famous for recycling her outfits (just like us mere mortals!), and why not? If you love something and it looks great on you, wear it as often as you like!

2. Go for colour

The royal family is notorious for sticking to a more neutral palate, but Kate’s not afraid to don a beautiful hue. She knows what suits her (super important when it comes to colour!), and rocks it with confidence.

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3. Mix affordable with high-end fashion

She obviously has a huge range of designer threads that would make us drool, but she also has a bunch of affordable staples to mix them with. It’s a good idea to spend money on those wardrobe must-haves (jeans and a white blouse, for example), and mix in some cheaper, on-trend, interchangeable pieces.

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4. Invest in a pair of nude heels

Not only do they go with any outfit, but shoes that match your skin tone will seem to lengthen your legs, which is a great look on anyone.

5. When in doubt, monochrome

Kate regularly wears a single colour from head to toe (hat and shoes included!), and it always looks super chic.

6. A coat can be an outfit

You’ve spent money on a fabulous coat, so what’s the point in taking it off and hanging it on a rack? As long as it fits well, let the coat double as your outfit.

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