A good kitchen needs a properly equipped bin, but in our hot climate it’s difficult to keep your rubbish from intruding into daily life.

This is doubled when you are trying to cut down on waste in the home and not simply tossing the bag out every day. The good news is it’s not impossible to keep the bin out of sight (and smell) with just a few simple tweaks…

Clean it regularly

You may have rolled your eyes at how obvious this one is, but it is tried and tested advice. We often put all our focus into getting rid of the bin bag, and forget to wipe out the bin itself. The strong plastics that make up the average kitchen bin can absorb smells, and bags will sometimes leak, so be sure to wipe out the bin itself with a strong disinfectant every time you swop bags.

Keep it closed

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Another obvious tip that doesn’t always survive lazy housemates and eager kids! Make sure your bin design seals closed properly – and be sure to shut it every time you use it to prevent smells escaping. Keep that pong where it belongs!

Keep smells and intruders to a minimum

A daily squirt of surface insecticide and a sprinkle of bicarb daily will help keep pests and pesky smells to a minimum.

You can take this a step further and add a cotton pads soaked in essential oil (think bold peppermint and sweet citronella) to the bin to keep it smelling fresher for longer.

While we can’t promise these tips will keep your bin smelling like roses, it will help keep the environment hygienic and the mess to a minimum so you don’t get intrusive smells ruining your kitchen experience.