While we’re still firm believers that your home should always reflect who you are at heart, not what a décor guru says, there are some trends that just need to die, already!

Here is what those in the know suggest not to consider, if you’re looking to revamp a section of your home…

Random architecture

Throwing a random segment of a totally different type of architecture into your home tends to look chaotic, not trendy.

So avoid adding a barn door to your slick modern pad, or glitzy formal columns in a cosy home setting.

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If your base architecture is cohesive, you stand a much better chance of creating a sleek and welcoming look.

Word art

While some elements of this once-hot trend remain delightful – think classy vintage art – the fact is that most standard applications can be a bit tired.

Rather look for a way to bring some personality into your rooms that doesn’t hinge on word art and odd statements.

Keep it centred

Both breezy boho macrame and ultra-ultra-sleek minimalist look like you’re trying a little too hard.

Unless these trends truly reflect who you are on the inside, retire them in favour of something that’s altogether more you.

Out with the old and in with the new – keeping your décor fresh and sizzling goes a long way towards helping you keep your rooms looking ‘on-trend and classic’.