From water-saving shower heads to toilet flush savers, here’s our round-up of the top waterwise gadgets your home needs.

1. Boa Water Pebble, R225, Faithful to Nature  

This clever little device is all about spending as little time as possible in the shower. Positioned on the wall in the shower or near the drain, it’ll activate as soon as you open the tap. It times how long you spend in the shower by displaying coloured lights and then aims to reduce this time. Green means go, while orange indicates that you need to start rinsing off and red means you should be done.

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2. EcoFlow Adjustable Aerator, R175, Faithful to Nature

Taps are opened and closed hundreds of times each day, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. We bet you didn’t realise that the average output of a tap is 15 litres per minute! Luckily the EcoFlow Adjustable Aerator reduces this rate to just 2 litres per minute.

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3. Ellies Toilet Flush Saver Chrome, R85, Builders Warehouse

Each person uses roughly 60 litres of water per day just for flushing. A water-saving toilet device can cut that figure in half. Instead of the entire cistern emptying with each flush you simply hold the flusher until it’s done its job. What’s more, it’s super easy to install!

4. Green Overall Grey Water System 500, R5 999, Takealot

Ever considered how much water is washed away after baths, showers, brushing teeth and washing clothes? A grey water system is the answer to ensuring the water you pay for is repurposed to irrigate your garden. The Green Overall Grey Water System allows you to harvest all of this water from multiple points and can be installed as a DIY project, so no need to get the plumber in.

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5. Hansgrohe Crometta 85 Green Jet1 Overhead Shower, R676,58, Hans Grohe

Standard showerheads use up to 25 litres of water per minute, which is why a water-saving showerhead is a must-have. The showerhead cuts down water usage to just six litres per minute while at the same time not sacrificing the water pressure. You’ll save water and can still wash the conditioner out of your hair.

6. Water Conservation Systems Universal Gutter Mesh, R89, Faithful to Nature 

Install the Water Conservation Systems Universal Gutter Mesh to ensure optimal rainwater harvesting from your roof, sans insects, leaves and debris. It’s ultimately a filter that traps anything aside from water and ensures clean gutters at the same time.

7. Slightly Greenish Water Warrior, R110, Faithful to Nature

The Water Warrior is a grey water waste-pipe connector that attaches to 50mm or 40mm outlet pipes. You can now water your garden without worrying too much about water restrictions, as you’ll be using water from the tub, shower and dishwasher.