After an absence of four years, Carl McGregor returns to Cape Town’s northern suburbs. His plans are vague, but straightforward – to save his younger brother from the claws of ‘The Zoo’.

This is how people refer to the other three inhabitants of the house: sly Maxie Thorpe with her cosmetically enhanced face, her son Leo, with his tendency towards violence, and her daughter Mandy, with her playful but troubled disposition.

Maxie Thorpe is his aunt, the recently widowed matriarch of the house, and the mastermind behind the family fortune, and all that goes on in the basement of their Durbanville mansion – also known as ‘The Zoo’.

Carl and his younger brother Robbie moved in with their wealthy aunt and uncle after the brutal farm murder of their parents. As Carl grows up in their home, he slowly discovers how they REALLY make their money, and is drawn into their night-time activities.

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He leaves school and gets away for a few years, but guilt at leaving his brother behind forces him to return as a young adult – in the hope of rescuing Robbie.

Robbie has now finished school, but to Carl’s horror, is also working for the Thorpes – and has fallen in love with their rebel daughter Mandy.

Shocking secrets are exposed as Carl tries to rescue Robbie, and gets sucked back into the criminal lives of the Thorpe family once again, and their dark world of violence, greed and incest…

It’s a gruesome novel with some shocking twists – and not for the prudish or faint hearted.

About the author

Capetonian author, François Bloemhof, is a prolific writer of adult, teenage and youth fiction, who has written close to 80 titles. In November 2017 Francois Bloemhof’s two latest titles – Feeding Time and Dieretuin – were published by new independent publishing outfit, Imbali General & Trade.

François is going to Hollywood

This versatile writer’s adult work explores thriller, supernatural and more conventional dramatic themes, but for his Hollywood debut, he will be writing the screenplay of a movie with a thriller/sci-fi slant.

A friend encouraged him to pitch for the screenplay for Hollywood. Cleverly, he took the outline of an Afrikaans thriller which was published in 1997, Die Nagbesoeker, and gave it a sci-fi twist. And so, The Night Visitor was born.

The plot centres around the story of a successful city model whose sister is murdered in a coastal town, but hers is not the only murder that takes place! The model, who is already in a relationship, visits the town and becomes attracted to a man who recently moved there. Strange things happen. Friends react unexpectedly. She comes to the conclusion that no one is to be trusted.

According to his Facebook page, Bloemhof will be writing the screenplay himself.