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As a girlâ??s body starts to change, she might have many questions that she is too embarrassed to ask. Loving touch has answered some of the most frequently asked questions to help young teenage girls through this confusing time.

How do I hold a razor?

Place your index finger on the finger rest and grip the handle firmly, holding the razor at a slight angle above your skin. Press lightly and let the blades do their work.

When is the right age to shave?

Thereâ??s no set time for girls to begin shaving. Some girls start shaving at 13, some at 16, it really depends on the individual and how they feel about their hair growth. If youâ??re self-conscious about the hair on your legs, you might want to start. But before you do, talk to your mom or big sister first. Theyâ??ll be more than happy to help you get started with a few shaving tips.

How do I shave my underarms?

First, wash to remove any traces of deodorant. Apply shaving gel or crème to help protect skin against nicks and cuts. Then raise your arm and touch the back of your neck, this helps to keep your underarm flat and easier to shave.

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Underarm hair can grow in all directions, so shave up, down and side-ways to get the closest shave. Wait a few minutes before applying deodorant to avoid irritation from your antiperspirant.

How much of my leg area should I shave?

It is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong answer here. Some girls shave their legs up to their knees and others also shave their thighs. If you have pale and fine hair you might not want to bother with shaving your thighs. Just decide on what feels right for you.

How do I shave my bikini area?

Shaving your bikini area can be tricky but with a few tips you can easily master it. The bikini area might be a smaller space to shave in comparison to your legs but the hair is more coarse, thick and curly which can add to the difficulty. Skin in the bikini area is also more sensitive and less taut or frim than the skin on your legs, which gives more resistance to your shaving.

Preparation for shaving your bikini area is similar to your legs. Hydrate the area with warm water and use plenty of gel or crème to really soften the hair. This will also ensure that the razor will glide over the skin easily. Shave with light, gentle strokes to avoid any skin irritation. Use as few strokes as possible and make sure you clean your blade under water between each stroke. Pulling the skin tight will also assist in shaving and provide a closer shave. For the delicate skin in your bikini area shave in the direction that feels most comfortable to you.

After shaving apply a moisturiser to rehydrate the skin. Regular exfoliation and moisturising of the area will help prevent ingrown hairs.

How often do I have to shave?

You will probably find that unless you have very thick hair growth, you wonâ??t have to shave every day when you first start shaving. Some girls with fairer complexions only shave every few days or once a week. As you get older, your hair will start to grow back faster, and you may have to shave more frequently.

If you feel comfortable you can shave every day. Just make sure you shave correctly, and moisturise often in order to not dry up your skin.

I often get ingrown hairs. How can I prevent this?

Ingrown hairs are caused when the hairs curl back under the skin. Avoid ingrown hairs by exfoliating daily.

Does shaving cause hair to grow back thicker and faster?

This is in fact a myth. Shaving only removes hair at the surface of the skin. The sharp edge caused by shaving the hair creates the rough â??stubbleâ? you can feel on your legs or armpits.

When is it time to toss the razor?

It really depends on how often a woman shaves. Each razor cartridge or disposable handle should be good for at least five uses. A sure sign itâ??s time to replace your razor is when the blade appears to be dull and you arenâ??t getting that close shave. If you see any rust or dark spots on the blade make sure you bin it.

Where is the best place to shave?

Itâ??s always best to shave in a warm bath or shower. The heat will help to soften the hair. Itâ??s also recommended that you shave at the end of your warm shower or bath. This will give more time for the hair to soften making it easier to shave.

How can I avoid any nicks or cuts when I shave?

Firstly make sure that the razor you are using is not blunt. Also, follow the previous tips of shaving in a warm shower or bath and using shave foam or gel. This will all help. Your first time shaving you might think you have to shave the skin hard but you really donâ??t. Be gentle and take your time. Let the razor blade do the work. Use extra caution around the knee and ankle area. Because of their shape it is very easy to cut these areas.

Why should I use shaving cream or gel instead of shower gel?

It is highly recommended that you donâ??t use shower gel in place of a shaving cream or gel. Shower gels contain a high level of perfume and when used with a razor can be very drying on your skin.

And, pretty please, never dry shave with no product at all. You donâ??t want to shave dry skin. Shaving is a natural exfoliator and if you try to dry shave, you run the risk of clogging up the razor with dead skin while putting yourself at risk for nicks and razor burn.

Is it recommended to shave with or against hair growth?

Shave in the direction that feels most comfortable. However, for the closest, smoothest shave, it is recommended you shave against the direction of hair growth, which means in an upward direction on the legs. Underarm hair grows in different directions, so shaving from all three angles – up, down and sideways ensures the closest, smoothest shave. For the delicate skin in the bikini area, shave in the direction that feels most comfortable for you.

How can I achieve an even closer shave?

The key is to shave against the hair growth. Another tip is to exfoliate your skin before shaving. It gets rid of all the dead skin cells that could clog up your razor, preventing a close shave. There are several ways you can exfoliate. You can use a scrub or exfoliate using an exfoliating cloth or gloves.

After each shave, simply rinse and air dry your razor. Regular rinsing will help prevent your razor from becoming clogged. Avoid wiping off the razor as this can blunt the blades, making them less effective.

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