Train travel is steeped in nostalgia – harking back to the glory days of transport when the world shifted gear and borders blurred, and the great wide world suddenly became a little smaller as cross-country rails were laid out…

The railways were a finely-oiled machine, employing millions around the world, enabling trade and industry to thrive. The grit and dust of the steam engines fused with the finest perfumes of the women and men of the upper class who watched the countryside flash by through wooden-framed carriage windows.

Train travel has inspired world-famous novels, and love stories, and without it the world would be a very different place. It still evokes a certain sense of opulence and old-world charm, and a luxurious train adventure is one of the top travel desires of the rich and famous.

Although we can’t all afford the extravagance, we can certainly dream! AND some of the trains feature South African trips!

As part of its annual Global Wealth Migration Review, New World Wealth has identified the top five luxury trains loved by multi-millionaires globally… and we can see why they are fans!


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1.     The Orient Express – Europe


Escape into a world of timeless glamour: Relax in carefully restored 1920s cabins, rich with craftsmanship. After a leisurely breakfast, your steward whisks away the beds to return the cabin to a sitting area.

Plush sofas provide the perfect spot to watch the scenery unfold. At night, climb the upholstered ladder to your upper berth or cosy up under crisp sheets on the bottom bunk.

A 24-hour, one-way trip from London to Venice or Verona will set you back  £2,365 per person (around R40 000).



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