It’s often said that the kitchen is the centre of the home, and there’s no arguing that a large amount of time is spent in there – regardless of whether you love it or loathe it. With our super busy lives, we don’t want to be wasting any precious time – especially when that time is wasted searching for the knife you know you have, or chopping board you just bought.

Never fear – a few simple tweaks will help you become far more efficient in the kitchen.

Make sure your knives are sharp

It seems obvious, but when last did you actually sharpen your knives? Exactly! You’ll be surprised how much quicker slicing and dicing is when your tools are in tip-top condition – not to mention how much safer it is!

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Keep like with like

Stop wasting time rummaging through cupboards and drawers as a result of being disorganised. Keep everything with a similar purpose together: baking things in one drawer, chopping and cutting goods in another, serving ware in one cupboard, prepping tools in another, and so on.

Think logically

Items that you use daily, like your toaster, bread bin, kettle and life-saving coffee machine should be out and accessible – make them part of décor. More specialised items, like a pressure cooker or blender, should be out of the way. Use the space between the cupboard and ceiling for these if you can.

Think outside the box… or cupboard

Space and storage are common issues in a kitchen, so use them wisely. Place hooks under your cabinets in the space above the counters for mugs, or install racks for wine glasses, place a magnetic strip on the wall for knives, hang up pots and pans and double up pretty serving ware as a fruit bowl.

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Think of the ripple effect

Most time is spent at the stove or counter next to the stove, so think of that area as the epicentre of the ripple. Work out which items you use the most, and store those closest to that place, working outwards.