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The ideal “weight loss fridge’ is an article series dedicated to uncovering what SHOULD be in your fridge if you hope to lose weight in 2018. So much focus is placed on what you shouldn’t eat if you’re dieting, so let’s check out what you should.

Stock up on: Rice cakes and wraps

Corporations spend thousands designing eye-catching packaging. The funny thing with packaging is that we often don’t give it any consideration after we’ve made our purchase. We just throw it away.

‘Packaging’ is one of the reasons I feel that a lot of people gain weight without realising how they have done so.

We like to ‘package’ our otherwise calorie-balanced meals in bread, or bread-rolls, which often pushes the meal into the realm of ‘non-diet’ calorie totals. We take some chicken and some salad (a great diet choice) and then slam it into a bun made out of white flour, which is really just ’empty’ calories.

One of the ways to combat this is to have rice cakes or whole-wheat wraps available in your kitchen, so that instead of bread you can get a more nutritious, lower-calorie version of your favourite sandwich, while still getting the satisfaction of the texture of the carbs.

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Remember that you still need to keep the meal numbers in check, so only have one wrap or two rice cakes. But these are much better options than white bread.

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