They may have a team of stylists making them look amazing, but these celeb style secrets can help you do the same…

We watch them on our TVs, stalk them on social media and use them for outfit inspiration. Those glam celebs seem to have this fashion thing under control. The truth is, there’s a team of people behind their outfits, and while they might want you to believe it takes money and fame to look good all the time, it’s actually much easier.

Here are the celeb style secrets they’d rather you didn’t know…

1. Despite what they portray, comfort is king

Celebs might give off the impression that you should sacrifice comfort for style, but almost every one of them would rather end up on a worst-dressed list in an outfit they felt confident and comfortable in, than on a best-dressed list in something they felt self-conscious in.

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2. They’ve got a tailor on speed dial

This is the difference between a good and great pair of jeans, blazer or trousers. Sometimes a few centimetres shorter or longer, an inch off the waist of a pleat in the right place will make all the difference. Clothes don’t automatically fit them (see, they’re just like us!), and a tailor is their secret weapon. Make it yours!

3. Shhhh … almost all celebs wear shapewear

Yip – regardless their figures, they’re almost all besties with Spanx! Shapewear smoothes out all those lumps and bumps (yes, celebs have them, too!) and is arguably worth more than the clothes on top.

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4. Jeans don’t have to be expensive

They might be friends with designers, but as long as your jeans fit well and have a classy wash or finish, those no-name-brand el-cheapos are more than perfect!

5. Know your body!

This is generally where best-dressed celebs – or their stylists – win the fashion battle. Know your best features and learn how to accentuate them and show them off.