A month into 2018 and we already have a list of books on our to-read list!

If you love to read as much as we do at the Essentials team, then we suggest you download these apps to assist you on your reading journey for the year.

We’ve narrowed down 10 apps that we think all book lovers should have:

1. Goodreads

This app has 1,1 billion books to track and review, and it has a social feed so you can see what other readers are currently enjoying. Goodreads has a community of 40 million readers with whom you can interact – it’s like joining a massive book club!

Cost: Free for iOS & Android users

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2. We Read Too

This is the perfect app for readers who want to stay on top of the young adults and children’s book scene. You can’t read books on the app, but it does allow you to share titles with friends and make suggestions you think should be added to their list, and your friends can do the same for you.

Cost: Free for iOS users only

3. Poetry

If you’re a lover of poetry, then you’ll love this app that gives you access to thousands of classic and contemporary poems. You’ll be able to reread poems you love and find new ones to share on social media (which you can do in the app). Download a mobile poetry library full of William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, T.S. Elliot, Heather McHugh and more.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android users

4. Scribd

Have unlimited access to over one million books, which include audiobooks and comics, along with 60 million documents when you download this app. Scribd allows you to automatically sync across devices, gives personalised recommendations and you can read selected titles offline.

Cost: A monthly subscription fee for iOS and Android users

5. Google Play Books

Google Play Books has a million titles from which to choose and the app offers an unlimited storage of your books in its cloud. It also allows you to read your books offline – so you can download your book when you have a wifi connection and not use precious data when you’re on the go.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android users

6. Epic!

This app is specifically designed for kids under 12, offering access to 10 000 kids’ books (including audiobooks). Although it has a monthly fee, the first month is free and you’re not obliged to continue the membership. The app supports up to four profiles per account – so all the kids in the house can get involved.

Cost: A monthly subscription fee for iOS and Android users

7. Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle app offers a number of unique and helpful in-app reading tools, like highlighting, customisation of font size and style, dictionary definitions and loads more. You can sync the app across devices; however, you might not be able to share (or ‘loan’ as the app calls it) all your purchased books to your different devices.

Cost: Free for iOS and Andriod users

8. OverDrive

Pulling from over 30 000 libraries across the world, this app connects you with your local library’s digital collection. All you need is an internet connection and a library card, and you’ll be able to ‘borrow’ their eBooks, audiobooks, and videos for free. Other features include automated return, wish lists, holds, and more.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android users

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9. Pocket

This is the perfect app to use as an archiving tool to save articles, videos, and pages you want to read or watch later. You’ll also be able to read and watch your saved items when you’re offline.

Cost: Free for iOS and Andriod users

10. Wattpad

The Wattpad app will allow you to interact with other readers, read offline and even connect with writers. There are over 20 million stories from which to choose. Perfect for anyone who loves to discuss books after they’ve read them.

Cost: Free for iOS and Android users

Happy Reading!


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