South Africa is a marvellous country, and 2018 is the year for exploring all of its natural wonders…

Now is the best time to create a bucket list of adventurous things to do while you visit the Kalahari this year.

The Green Kalahari is a good enough reason itself to go and adventure to the Northern Cape. Located not far from where the Orange River flows into a deep stone gorge to create the well-known Augrabies Falls, the lush green vineyards all around the valley bear colourful fruits.

It is known for being one of the quietest places on earth since there is no cellphone reception, people or noise. Only you and total peace. A place to be alone or spend some quality time with friends and family in the presence of magnificent surrounds.

The Green Kalahari is a highly contrasted landscape and this is what makes it so unique. Since the wildlife basically roams free in certain parts of the Green Kalahari, this makes it ideal for a great camping spot, with no city life around you. You will be surrounded by animals sleeping and stars shining down on you, emitting a blinding light.

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Another wonder the Green Kalahari has to offer is the Verneukpan. Verneukpan is a 57 km long mineral pan. Imagine a place that is bone dry and flat. And as far as the eye can see it remains flat. Not a bush or hill in sight.

Elandspoor Game Camp Lodge is located on the borders of the Green Kalahari. Elandspoor Bush Camp is a haven for the outdoor enthusiast who loves to experience the semi-desert landscape. It provides a safe and vibrant area for you and your friends/family to camp.

The Molopo Kalahari Lodge is situated in the Green Kalahari, 60km from the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Molopo Kalahari Lodge is located in just the right spot for you to experience the incredible beauty of the Kalahari.

Molopo Kalahari Lodge and the Khomani San people will provide you guidance that is based on their ancient understanding of animal tracking and hunting. The Khomani San will teach you first-hand about their storytelling, dream imagery, bush medicine and cosmetics. They’ll make sure you have a unique and memorable experience.

N.C. Famous Lodges has lodges situated in the Northern Cape, each with their own unique activities and accommodation. Make sure to make N.C. Famous lodge part of your bucket list and tick off each lodge as you travel through the magical Northern Cape.