My partner is great at giving massages – but the problem with this is that one (almost) feels obliged to give him a massage right back – undoing the pleasure and relaxation I’ve just experienced…

The perfect solution (for lazy lovers like me), is to find a way for both partners to benefit without having to do ANY of the work – a couple’s massage

And here are some reasons why Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to have one:

  1. You both benefit: Valentine’s Day is not all about lacy lingerie for the female part of a couple
  2. You won’t get fat from it: boxes of chocolate and heavy three-course dinners just mean more to work off in the gym the next day
  3. It’s the best way to destress and loosen those achy muscles and knots that have built up in your neck and shoulders from too much time at your desk (already!)
  4. An hour spent at a spa with gentle music and aromatherapy oils is the best way to get you both in the mood for romance…

These are my favourites for couple’s massages – personally recommended:



Or choose a spa near you – and one that suits your budget – from a list of over 300 across SA by going to

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Spa vouchers also make the perfect gift!

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s gift for someone special (and hopefully the recipient will book a couples massage that includes YOU), you can purchase your voucher here and have it emailed to the recipient’s inbox or couriered to them.