Your home is your sanctuary – that one place you’re always happy to come back to. But sometimes, try as you might, you just can’t seem to make it all come together. Could it be that you’re making one (or more!) of these oh-so common home décor mistakes? Read on – a simple change could instantly turn your house into a home…

Following all the trends

Trends are there for inspiration, not for you to worship. If you love all things tropical, go wild, but don’t feel obliged to go copper mad if silver is the metal you love. It’s more important for your home to reflect your personality than for it to be ‘on trend’.

Making curtains too short

Curtains should just skim the floor, not dangle centimetres above it. Think of your curtains like pants – too long and you trip over them, but too short and you look shorter and stubbier than you are. Lengthy curtains elongate and open up a space.

Living with something you hate

Yes, complete renovations and home décor overhauls can be expensive, but try thinking smaller. New doorknobs or handles and light fittings, a lick of paint and switching décor accents between rooms can give a space an instant facelift without the hefty price tag.

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Decorating for the life you want…

… not the life you have. An expensive white lounge suite may look chic, but does it work with your kids and pets? You’ll be constantly stressed out about it getting ruined, so it really is worth the compromise.

Using a small rug

The general rule is that each item in the space should ‘sit’ on the rug, even if it’s just the front legs. It’s better to have no rug at all than a tiny rug in the middle of the room.

Hanging art or pictures too high

Your art should be hung at eye-level, and while this varies from person to person, it’s better to go a bit lower, otherwise the effect will be lost. Remember, putting together a gallery wall or grouping pictures creates a wonderful impact, too.