Avoid date night disaster with Style Secret Root Concealer and hide any pesky greys. Valentine’s day is around the corner and with the manic rushing of the past few weeks of January, booking an appointment at the salon may have slipped your mind. Or even if you had made your appointment and had your hair done, all it takes is just a few weeks after colouring your hair for the inevitable root regrowth to begin to show and as the days go by for the root line to get thicker and thicker.

Grey hair is more noticeable in people with darker hair because it stands out, but people with naturally lighter hair are just as likely to go grey. While silver and white hair may be a trend, having a silver root path or just a few silver strands can cause distress, especially if a date or an event has arrived faster than you had anticipated. If you do not have the time to get to your favourite stylist or salon before your date night, you do not need to get creative with the eyeshadow to cover those pesky roots. Instead you can keep your hair looking good and cover up any root regrowth that has crept up on you with Style Secret. With just a shake and spray you can easily and efficiently cover up any and all root regrowth that has occurred.

Style Secret does not contain any peroxides or dyes, so it can be easily washed out and it is gentle on your hair. It contains silicone which carefully coats the hair follicle with colour (pigment) which comes off when hair is washed. This easy-to- use spray effectively covers up the growth, keeping your hair looking and feeling great.
Style Secret comes in six different shades:
– Light Blonde
– Dark Blonde

– Light Brown
– Dark Brown
– Black
– Auburn
Style Secret can be used on all hair types. Style Secret, keeping your root regrowth your secret.


Prize:  Win one of eleven 2 packs of two Style Secrets in your shade of choice valued
at R720 each!


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