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The ideal “weight loss fridge’ is an article series dedicated to uncovering what SHOULD be in your fridge if you hope to lose weight in 2018. So much focus is placed on what you shouldn’t eat if you’re dieting, so let’s check out what you should.

Stock up on: Beans

Foods that are weight loss friendly fulfil a range of nutritional needs while being fairly low in calories. It’s a huge bonus if these foods are also useable in a variety of meals and cooking styles, AND taste good.

Beans meet all of the above requirements.

Beans are highly nutritious, high in fibre, a good source of protein, low in calories (compared to meat), tasty, and relatively cheap too. They can be used to complete all sorts of meals as a side dish, or utilised as a main ingredient instead of having meat in a meal.

There is a vast variety of beans on offer, and you can buy them tinned or fresh – if you’re buying tinned beans either rinse the liquid ‘sauce’ off of them, or make sure you factor the sauce into your calorie totals for the day.

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Beans also fit into a few cultural diets, especially the South American, North African and South-East Asian ones. This means you’re totally spoiled for choice as far as recipes go, so you’ll never be bored if you’re eating beans.

Do yourself a favour and get to your local supermarket today. Buy a bunch of varieties of bean and try them out!

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