Wash your hair the night before

I shampoo my hair every day, and even though mine is relatively easy to dry and style; it eats up a lot of my time in the mornings. Wash and rough dry (or even blow-dry) your hair the night before, and give it a good spritz of dry shampoo before bed if you have fine hair or if you’re prone to oiliness.

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Doing most of the manual labour the night before means you’ll only have to touch up with a styler in the morning. Also get creative with ponytails and braids on occasion – it will save you time and give your hair a break from heat styling.

Time saved: 20 minutes

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Apply skin treatment products at night

If you’re anything like me, you have a myriad of lotions and potions that get used on rotation. Make sure that you use the heavy lifters and time consuming products like exfoliators and masks at night. In the mornings, keep things simple with a light serum, moisturiser and SPF.

Time saved: 10 minutes


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Ditch the brushes

I’ve noticed that while make-up brushes and sponges give the most precise expert application, they definitely are more time consuming. On mornings when I’m short on time, I ditch most of the brushes and apply products with my fingers.

While some people cringe at the idea, I still find it the quickest and easiest application method. Aside from that, the warmth from your fingers helps to blend cream-textured products which results in a more even, natural finish.

Time saved: 5 minutes

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Less line work

When you’re in a rush, applying make-up that requires precise lines isn’t the best idea. Skip your eyebrow pencil and use a brow gel with a brush applicator instead. Avoid liquid, gel and pencil liners, and instead line your eyes with eyeshadow on a detailer brush. Softer lines are much more forgiving and you won’t risk having to spend additional time cleaning up mistakes.

Time saved: 5 minutes

Opt for cream textures

Eyeshadows and blushers with cream textures can be patted on with your fingertips and require minimal blending. They also need less preparation and priming to stay in place, and tend to stay put for longer.

Time saved: 5 minutes

Tint and shape

Have your eyebrows professionally shaped every three months, and maintain them inbetween. This, together with tinting your eyebrows and eyelashes, does wonders for defining your features, which lets you get away with less make-up on lazy days.

Time saved: 5 minutes

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When all else fails, there’s always lipstick

Even on those days when your hair is pointing in a million different directions and the face looking back at you in the mirror seems to belong to a stranger, there’s always lipstick.

A bold lip colour can do wonders when you run out the door with no make-up and a mis-matched outfit.

Time saved: 10 minutes
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