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Motivation tools to help you lose weight is a series all about helpful things you can use for encouragement and inspiration to keep your diet on track. We all need motivation to help us achieve long-lasting goals. Here are some ways and tools you can use to help motivate yourself!

Motivation tools: Leverage social media

We can argue all day long about whether or not social media is a healthy, productive part of life today, and we don’t have to agree. But I’m here to help you leverage social media for the benefit of your weight loss.

One of the things that has taken platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook by storm over the past few years is diet and exercise ‘gurus’ trying to sell the products they have developed. While this is all quite tedious (the products are all largely the same, and they all use one-another to sell) there is something to be gained from them FOR FREE in the way of motivation on your weight loss journey.

There are two areas you can gain motivation from these gurus without buying into their products:

The first is to sign up for whatever free stuff they promote. Newsletters, free samples of their diet plans and so on. These can be informative and can also just be used to keep your head in the game because they will force you to think about your dieting more the more you see these types of things.

The second mechanism is to use the pictures and inspirational stories these guys post (constantly) to inspire you. Reading the stories of normal people like you who succeeded in the thing that you want to succeed in is very uplifting, especially on the days when you think it’s impossible to shed the pounds. Hearing them talk about the tough times will help you get through your own.

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My suggestion is to use this stuff as outlined above, just be selective about who you ‘follow’. There are a LOT of these types of people out there, so choose 5 to 10 of the most reputable ones.

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