Last updated on Jan 27th, 2021 at 11:24 pm

Hulisani Ravele got social media users all riled up on Sunday when she opened up about her views on racism in the workplace

The multi-talented entertainer opened up the discussion by questioning why people are encouraged to endure racism in their offices for the sake of keeping a job.

Her monologue began with her writing: “This argument that our people must tolerate racism because “…but at least they have a job…” is deep. I wonder if the same people would advice a woman in an abusive relationship to stay because her abuser provides for her.”

This was the beginning of an entire thread in which she compared racism to abuse and also highlighted some of the comments that usually contribute to employees feeling discriminated against.

The impassioned thread of tweets incited a big social media discussion which saw many of her followers agree with many of the difficult topics she was challenging.

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One of her followers wrote: “Well said dear, we tired of taking crap because we have bills to pay. Racism must fall, our kids deserves better.”

Do you agree with Hulisani Ravele’s comments on racism in the office? Is the solution to walk away from a job or do we need to address racism in a more significant manner?