Last updated on Jan 29th, 2021 at 10:34 am

DJ Zinhle had to clear her name after her former make-up artist revealed why he was no longer working with both the DJ and Bonang Matheba

The story first broke this past weekend when Muzi Zuma, the artist in question, revealed that he was no longer working with Bonang Matheba as the result of unpaid bills which totaled close to R25 000.

DJ Zinhle worked with Muzi for years, but they parted ways when the make-up artist decided to start working with Bonang Matheba, Zinhle’s arch nemesis. While Muzi was sharing his story, one of his followers accused the DJ of being unprofessional for deciding to take her business elsewhere.

The user wrote: “Because they f***** deserve it. Bonang owe[s] Muzi 25k and Zinhle acted unprofessional. Muzi is trying to make it while people like them pulling others like Muzi down. I hope one day God will punish you more than what happened to Muzi. You stupid to think like that (sic)”

Muzi responded by writing: “I couldn’t have said it better.”

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At this point, many other users began to jump to DJ Zinhle’s defence and the It Takes a Village star took a moment to address the matter: