These indigenous perennials are low maintenance and work well in just about any garden. Plant them along borders, in shady areas, full sun or even in containers. They’re available in shades of blue, white and even deep purple. Whichever you prefer, they’re bound to make a statement.


Another South African favourite, these hardy plants, once established, can withstand long dry spells and don’t need much attention. They can be grown in sun or shade and make beautiful cut flowers.


Aloes are as hardy as they come and flourish in water wise gardens; in fact, they don’t like over watering. The most popular species include Krantz Aloe and Bitter Aloe. Bright orange, red and yellow flowers attract birds as well, which is always a welcome addition to the garden.

Asparagus ferns

Asparagus ferns are lush, drought-resistant groundcovers that will survive in almost any condition, although they prefer semi-shade. They also work wonderfully in containers or hanging baskets on a covered patio.

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Whether you prefer the variegated or green varieties, Hen-and-chickens are great for covering soil and are beautiful when mass planted. What’s more, they root themselves, spread easily and are just about impossible to kill.


Clivias, also known as bush lilies, add bright displays of orange to many gardens in spring, and there’s no doubt why these plants are so popular. They flourish in shade and can be propagated easily.


Lavender is easy to grow and loves full sun, whether planted in the garden or containers. Plants like to stay dry and thrive when planted along a difficult north-facing wall. Cut them back twice a year to ensure the foliage remains lush. The strong scent of some varieties also keeps insects at bay.


Plumbago shrubs are fast growing, extremely low maintenance plants that make wonderful shaped hedges. Plant them along a driveway, fence or border wall for the ultimate effect. Butterflies also love the sticky blue flowers.


Rosemary is a must-have in South African gardens. Not only are they delicious for cooking, they’re water wise plants too and their petite purple flowers attract insects. Remember that soil should dry out completely between waterings and should be well drained.


Succulents come in all shapes and sizes and are the go-to water wise plants. They’re happy to be left to their own devices and spread easily. Take your pick of crassulas, string of pearl (perfect for hanging baskets), echeveria varieties and many more!