1. House plants

Pot plant lovers can breathe easily because oxygen-producing greenery is sticking around. There is, however, a move away from succulents and the focus is on plants with interesting foliage. Think delicious monsters, mother-in-law’s tongue and delicate ferns.

2. Purple

Pantone announced that its colour of the year is ultraviolet, and with that, purple hues are invading décor trends. Different shades of purple will be popular, with a special focus on lavender, which might even gradually replace millennial pink


3. Jewel tones

Another colour element that will get its chance to shine this year is deep jewel tones – replacing the pastels we’ve been seeing too much of lately. Statement walls are out, but why not decorate an entire room in a jewel shade for some drama? Otherwise, add pops of said drama in furniture or smaller elements.

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4. Warm earthy tones

If neutrals are more your thing, try warm earthy tones in your palette – they’re just as hot in 2018. Gone are the days of grey, beige, and greige – rather opt for ivory, sand, and rusty reds.

5. Maximalism

While you can’t go wrong with minimalism, 2018 is the year to go full-on boho. This is a fun and invigorating trend taken directly from the runways. The trick to pulling off maximalism is not to pile heaps of things together, but rather to curate collections that speak to each other and their setting.


6. Brass and mixed metallics

Goodbye rose gold, hello brass! Brass, and more specifically unpolished brass, is replacing rose gold this year as the metallic of choice. Don’t chuck out all your rose gold tchotchkes just yet, though: another trend is combining and contrasting different types of metals.

7. Handmade objects

There is a shift away from mass-produced factory objects and the focus in home decoration is on natural elements, such as stone, wood and clay and on handmade objects including ceramics, woven baskets and carpentry. This will not only make your home unique, but you are also supporting artisans and small businesses at the same time.