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Motivation tools to help you lose weight is a series all about helpful things you can use for encouragement and inspiration to keep your diet on track. We all need motivation to help us achieve long-lasting goals. Here are some ways and tools you can use to help motivate yourself!

Motivation tools: Enlist your best friend

Humans thrive in community. We do most things best when we do them in groups of like-minded and driven individuals. We love to inspire one-another, to use others to drive our own motivation and creativity. We also stay on track better in group projects because the other people help us to.

This is one of the things that makes dieting a real challenge.

People on diet feel like they are going-it-alone. Sure, there are always lots of other people on diet, but they all seem to be on their own weird programme, spouting off about the evils of certain foods that your diet allows.

They are often also really competitive – and not in the healthy way.

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So getting a diet ‘community’ going is pretty tough unless you’re doing a diet where the community aspect is built-in, like Weight Watchers or Weigh-Less.

What you really need is a friend

In order to simulate community in your diet and get the required benefits without the pitfalls explained above what you really need is a friend who cares about you enough to be interested in your diet without having to be on it herself.

You want someone who is encouraging, who believes in you, and who is excited to see you succeed. You know who this person is in your life. Ask her to help you by encouraging you in whatever ways she sees fit, but also to ask you how it’s going every few days, and give you a push when it’s not easy and fun.

This person will be a HUGE asset in your process.

One thing I would suggest is to limit this to two people at the most. Having too many people like this will become overwhelming, and you’ll also end-up having a few who were bad choices. Stick to one or two who you know are going to help you.

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