Your work wardrobe doesn’t have to be bland or repetitive. It can be fun and fashionable, just like those stylish women you see taking over the boardroom at work, while still looking fab. Here are a few tricks to master your office looks like a total pro.

Ace the basics

First things first, what is your work dress code? How casual, creative or formal do you need to be? Once you get that down, find a couple of basics to fit the code. A crisp white shirt goes with just about anything. As does a fabulous pair of jeans and the must-have for every working woman – a pencil skirt.

Jeans R199,99, pencil skirt R99,99, white shirt R199,99: all from The Fix

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Lots of neutrals

Build your work wardrobe on neutral colours, then add signs of your glowing personality with pops of colour here and there. Make sure your neutrals are super stylish and go with as many pieces as possible.

We’re not saying a mix-and-match work wardrobe has to be boring, but for it to be versatile, it should be built on core pieces that go together.

Paper bag trousers R429, V-neck dress R329, hooded jumper R379: all from H&M.

Add a personal touch

Whether you’re in formal clothes all day or not, you can add personal touches to your clothes. Throw on your favourite colours, a pair of fun shades or even a cool headband will show your personal style – not the office’s.

Sensible but stylish shoes

Treat your shoes as an investment. They might be a bit pricier than you like, but your work shoes can double as fun shoes for the weekend and they’ll last a lot longer if you go for quality (not to mention they’ll be way, way more comfortable).

Mesh inset court shoes R550, bow peep-toe court shoes R350, metallic trim loafers R350: all from Woolworths.

Invest in a statement bag

Ditch the neutrals and the budget when it comes to your bag. Find something strong and sexy that goes with everything and is totally stylish. If you buy a good quality, classic style in a neutral colour, you won’t have to think about matching your bag with your work outfit ever again (which means you can sleep for five minutes longer in the mornings!).

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

Accessories maketh the outfit. We may not have the cash to wear something different every day for a month, but switching up your accessories can make the same outfit seem twice as fun and fabulous.

Corset belt, R40, Confetti scarf, R59,99, Tassel earrings, R25,99: all from MR P. Joy Collectables tote bag, R299: Spree.